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Leukemia Awareness Ribbon with Adan's Name at the top. his favorite Hello Hand gesture and "Strong" center bottom.

Get to Know Us

Adan was a 16-year-old teenage boy full of life getting ready for his last year of high school when he got diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Even when faced with adversity, Adan was determined, and accomplished to graduate and walk with his class of 2022. For over two years Adan fought his biggest battle, overcoming every obstacle until he earned his wings on April 15, 2023, at the age of 18. At the age of seven Adan discovered his passion for football and played until the end of his Junior year of High School. The highlight of his football career was playing high school football with his older brother Gustavo.

Adan always put everyone’s needs before his and was very giving. Even in his worst days, he found the strength to encourage his family, friends, and other patients to do better and never give up. Adan has touched many lives and has inspired others to give unselfishly give to others.

Adan was passionate about pursuing a career as a pediatric oncology nurse to help other pediatric cancer children. He would often say it wasn’t fair that little children had to go through the invasive treatment encountered in the oncology department.  The Munoz Family is continuing Adan's wishes by honoring Adan in helping others who are currently fighting the same battle; offering prayers, and support to those in need.

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