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At Adan Strong, we are committed to supporting children with leukemia and their families through various projects that aim to make their lives easier and more comfortable. From providing financial assistance to organizing fun activities, our projects are designed to meet the unique needs of each family we serve.

Executive Board Members:
Mariela Muñoz, Chief Executive Officer
Cell:  909 231 8520

Angie Rodriguez, Vice President
Cell: (760) 475-4616

Vanessa Alari, Secretory

Barbra Erickson, Assistant Secretary

Sandy Peña, Chief Financial Officer

Arizel Rodriguez, Assistant Financial Officer

Board Members:
Christina Muñoz
Gustavo A. Muñoz
Gustavo Muñoz
Nadia Lopez
Yadira Cervantes


Social Media:

Ariana Rodriguez
Monica Muñoz

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